A note from the author: It is easy to put words on a page. It's an entirely different endeavour to arrange them in just the right order, that they paint a picture for the reader that is fun, interesting, sexy and... gramatically correct. I love the process of unleashing my imagination and seeing what comes out. The hard work is hammering those ideas into a cohesive story.


How I became sexy at 70- 1st Blog

Sexy is a State of Mind…and this lady’s got it at the age of 70 in truckloads! Let’s see if we can share the love and get the social media buzz going for her.


The above photo was taken last summer at a rainbow festival. I created the outfit- making the cape, feathery bustle, headdress, and boot covers to match. I became a  party animal quite late in life and how she came into being, is described in this post.

I was definitely an aging post-menopausal chick at 58. I hated thinking that joining the WI, or senior keep fit classes, or bellringing, were the only past times in my dotage. Fortunately some brilliant younger friends invited  Jake and me to ‘Golden Delicious’, a three day party in Wales in 2005. I was nervous as all party goers were 15-20 years younger than us.  I couldn’t believe how exotic, sexy and thrilling this party was. This was portentous for the future. Below was the trio of young hotties who welcomed us with Golden Delicious apples and gorgeous bodies. This and the one below were…

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Getting Dirty is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

It took two years to write Dirty Words. It isn't a long book but the subject matter often stopped me dead in my tracks. The character development was tough for me. I wanted all of them to be strong, especially the women. I didn't want to male bash or subject the women to objectification either,…Read more Getting Dirty is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Why Books & Films about sex matter

This post is about why Fifty Shades of Grey, 13 Reasons Why and Dirty Words matter. Odd statement? Keep reading... For starters, it isn't just the sex. It's really about what we think about sex. More importantly, it is about empowerment and what role sex, sexuality, control, shaming, body image and social perceptions play into…Read more Why Books & Films about sex matter